District Profile

Nationally Recognized

Constellation Schools: Eastside Arts Academy Eagles

Serving students and families since 2011, Constellation Schools: Eastside Arts Academy provides a high-quality education that integrates the teaching of character education, values and self-discipline, incorporates technology (providing personal laptops in grades 2-6), stresses the importance of school attendance and addresses the emotional needs of each student. While our highly qualified teachers focus on specific educational needs, getting to know the whole child is a responsibility every employee takes seriously. It is a privilege to serve our families, and we welcome the opportunity to become partners in the education of your child!

Constellation Schools: Eastside Arts Academy (EAA) is located in Slavic Village in the former Immaculate Heart of Mary school building and is the 2nd Constellation school that focuses on The Arts. Constellation Schools: Eastside Arts Academy opened in 2011 with 52 students in grades K-3 and has grown to over 120 students in grades K-6.

Partners with our Parents

“My son’s grades have improved tremendously since attending Eastside Arts Academy”
- Latia J.

Constellation Schools: Eastside Arts Academy student in class“I have 5 children attending Eastside Arts Academy. Every day they leave for school with a smile, come home with a smile, and have learned so much in between. All of my children have varying learning abilities. Eastside Arts has differentiated the education for each and every one of my children, exceeding my expectations. The staff and teachers have the total well-being of the child in mind. Every child is an individual and treated as such. Eastside Arts Academy is an asset to this neighborhood.”
- Eastside Arts Academy parent

“EAA is such a great school! I love it! I took my daughter out of the traditional school in our district to enroll her in Eastside Arts Academy. My son is also starting kindergarten in the fall. EAA is the best school!”
- Eastside Arts Academy parent

School Snapshots

Let’s look at the numbers the report card omits. Students that attended Eastside Arts Academy for at least 2 consecutive years:

  • 77% of our 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students greatly improved their AIR English/Language Arts score
  • 61% of our 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students greatly improved their AIR Math score

3rd Grade Reading Guarantee

  • 100% of the 3rd grade students passed the 2017-2018 reading guarantee.
  • The AIR state test is administered three times a year in the fall, spring, and summer.
  • The MAP approved district assessment is administered three times a year in the winter, spring, and summer.

Academic Growth on MAP Tests

  • The following grade levels exceeded the National Mean Growth:
    • Kindergarten Reading by 30%
    • Kindergarten Math by 28.5%
    • 1st Grade Reading by 12.9%
    • 1st Grade Math by 10.2%
    • 2nd Grade Math by 1.9%
    • 3rd Grade Reading by 8.7%
    • 3rd Grade Science by 0.5%
    • 4th Grade Science by 2.4%
    • 5th Grade Reading by 1.3%
    • 6th Grade Reading by 4.3%
    • 6th Grade Math by 3.6%

2018-2019 Student Demographics

  • 57% African American, 25% Caucasian, 5% Hispanic, 13% Multiracial
  • 100% of students qualify for federal free/reduced meals
  • Average student to teacher ratio is 18:1

Student activities available at Eastside Arts Academy:

  • Before School Activities - Guitar Club
  • After School Activities - Art Club, Percussion Club, Fitness Club, Tutoring

Community Connections

Our goal is to be a part of the neighborhood in which we serve by collaborating with local organizations to give back to the community.

  • Minority Behavioral Health Group On-Site Counseling
  • The Mission Continues
  • Engagement and sustained relationship with the 4th District police officers Constellation Schools: Eastside Arts Academy student with 4th District Police Officers