Eastside Arts Academy Rated Top Art Classes in Cleveland

Eastside Arts Academy Rated Top Art Classes in Cleveland
Posted on 04/29/2022
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Congrats to Constellation Schools: Eastside Arts Academy for being rated one of the 5 best art classes in Cleveland, Ohio!

The top rated art classes in Cleveland, OH according to Kev's Best:

* Art House, Inc. – is a nonprofit arts center providing high quality visual and creative arts classes
* Cleveland Institute of Art – is one of the nation’s leading accredited independent colleges of art and design
* Glass Bubble Project – has been serving the community and local businesses for over 22 years
* Constellation Schools: Eastside Arts Academy – provides art and music daily for all students
* Art Therapy Studio – is a non-profit organization with a 50+ year history of providing art therapy

Constellation Schools: Eastside Arts Academy is a school that places a strong emphasis on student achievement. These professors have high standards for their pupils. Every youngster is viewed as a unique individual with boundless potential. They teach each student in a number of ways as a group. Teachers tailor their instruction to match the individual needs of each student. These professors recognize not only the current educational aims but also the long-term goal of training the students to be useful, educated members of society who are ready for the next step in their education.

All students at Eastside Arts Academy have access to art and music on a daily basis. Beginning in fourth grade, the music instructor assesses kids to determine which instrument they are best suited to playing. Students proceed to the band, advanced band, and advanced art education as they grow and develop their talents. Through our monthly “Artist Spotlight,” students are immersed in art and music education, studying great artists and musicians from the past and present on a daily basis.

Art and Music Classes

Address: 6700 Lansing Ave, Cleveland, OH 44105
Phone: (216) 441-9830
Website: eastsideartsacademy.constellationschools.com

“I love this school low to no bullying, my daughter learned to play over 5 instruments while attending the staff and principal is wonderful.” – Jovanette A.

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